JWLibrary shows No Download Location Available

Recently I can no longer download audio and video with my JW Library app in Windows 10. The notification I received was “No download location available”.
I was still able to stream audio and video, but not download. If I clicked on the cloud icon, I did not get a download option.
When I went to the Settings of the JWLibrary app, I got the same message: “Download videos to No download location available”

jwlibrary no download location available

Fix No download location available

The solution for JWLibrary’s No Download location available is to create the download folders manually. Here’s how:

  1. Open Windows File Explorer (Windows Key + E)
  2. Go to the music folder. Usually, you see this folder right under This PC. But if not, navigate to the default location. This normally is C:\Users\%yourname%\Music
  3. Create a new folder and name it JWLibrary. For some reason the app didn’t create this folder automatically, so you’re doing it by hand now.
    create jwlibrary folder
  4. Do this for the videos folder as well: Usually, the videos folder is folder right under This PC. But if not, check out C:\Users\%yourname%\Videos. Create a new folder and name it JWLibrary
  5. If the app is open, close it. Launch JWLibrary again. You should now be able to download audio fragments and videos.

Hope this helped you out. Feel free to leave a comment!

jwlibrary download video

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Worked great! Thank You!
Another thing i needed to do was use a different drive for the save location.
In order to do so:
-Follow the above instructions
-Right Click, Add to Library
-Add to Library (Audio) for the music
-Add to Library (Video) for the videos

Victor Garfield

There’s an even easier solution for this problem. Click on Start->Settings->Privacy. Scroll all the way to the bottom on the Left hand side. Click on Videos. You’ll see JW Library is set to Off, along with other apps. If it’s greyed out Click on Change to access these apps. Or Just Click the button under Allow apps to access your videos library to On, and than click JW Library slider to On. That’s it very easy. You don’t have to pre-create any folders, as JW Library will do what it was supposed to do in creating the folder for you!


Thanks, this one fixed it for me.

Russel D

That instruction works. Thank very much

PDN Van Eyck

Thanks. I reinstalled JW Library. Then I had to reset Windows Explorer to show Libraries and I fixed the problem as suggested. Thank you.


It worked! That was too easy XD

david cleare

its still not working for me. i followed the instructions carefully

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