Fix Unable to schedule event in Teams in 4 easy steps

Recently I ran into the error Unable to Schedule Event when I tried to schedule recurring appointments in Microsoft Teams.

The exact message said “Unable to schedule overlapping occurrences. Change how often it occurs and try again.” I checked my calendar and found no existing appointments at the specific time.

Unable to schedule event in Microsoft Teams

Creating a Meeting in Teams is very easy, but apparently, you need to take a closer look to create a recurring meeting. It works differently than, for example, scheduling a Teams meeting in Outlook.

How to fix Unable to schedule event in Teams

Fixing Unable to schedule event in Teams is pretty easy once you know how and where to click. Here’s how to create a recurring meeting. I also show you right away where almost everyone goes wrong:

  1. In Microsoft Teams, click Calendar -> + New Meeting

  2. In the Date section, choose a start date and time. Then, right to the arrow, choose the end date and time of the individual meeting (so: NOT the end date of the meeting series). The duration should not be 199 days, like in this example:

  3. At the Does not repeat dropdown, click the Downwards arrow, and choose Custom
    choose custom recurrence

  4. In the Custom recurrence window, select the End date. Here you can also change the occurrence from every day to every week or every month. Click Save.
    set end date custom recurrence

That’s it! You should now be able to plan the meeting right away.

In case you experience performance issues in Microsoft Teams, make sure to read my article on how to improve performance in Teams!

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Divakar R.

Simply Great.. Thank you!


THANK YOU! Usually when I run into a problem like this I dread having to go through all the support boards and YouTube videos….. but this fixed my problem in under a minute! Thank you for being so clear and concise :)


Thank you very much, this solved my problem. The UI is not quite clear here as the fields have no labels (as step backwards in UX in my opinion).


Hi John, A big thank you as i was just not able to share the invite. Thanks a ton!!!

Pratik Vilas Pawaskar

Dear John,
Thanks for help, your provided solution worked for me.


I do all given Setting but I still get the error message and I cannot schedule daily meetings for my Team.


I still get the error message and I cannot schedule daily meetings for my Team.

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