Disable snapping and resizing windows automatically in Windows 10

I thought auto-snapping was a very useful feature in Windows 10. But it can sometimes work against you if you have many screens side by side and behind each other. In those cases, you want to have auto-snapping and resizing windows disabled. In this post, I show how you can set this.

Disable snapping of windows

To disable snapping or resizing, do the following:

  1. Click the Windows logo and type snap
  2. Click Snap Settings
  3. Set Snap Windows to Off
    1. Or uncheck any of the options below


The auto arrange option in Windows 10 is now disabled

Other tips

To make it easier to use auto-snapping, you can use hotkeys. These facilitate placing windows left, right, minimized or maximized.
While you have the desired application or screen open, press:

  • Windows key + left arrow: align window on the left half
  • Windows key + left arrow: align window on the right half
  • Windows key + down arrow: minimize window
  • Windows key + up arrow: maximize window

If you have multiple monitors, you can use Windows key + right arrow to move a window to the right-most screen

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