AZ-103 Study Guide – Part 2 – Implement and manage storage

This is part 2 of 5, in which I cover all objectives / skills measured in AZ-103 exam.
Part 1 can be found here: AZ-103 Study Guide – Part 1 – Manage Azure subscriptions and resources

Implement and manage storage (15-20%)

Create and configure storage accounts

Before ticking off the objectives, I would highly recommend you to first start reading the introduction:


configure network access to the storage account

Azure Storage firewall provides security for a storage account. Network rules apply to practically all network traffic, except: virtual machine disk traffic, and traffic within the same VNet


create and configure storage account

To create a new Storage Account with Powershell:

New-AzStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName RG_itexperience `
  -Name "saitexperience" `
  -Location westus `
  -SkuName Standard_LRS `
  -Kind StorageV2

You can upgrade from General-purpose v1 to General purpose v2. This is permanent and cannot be undone.

In Powershell:

Set-AzStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName <resource-group> -AccountName <storage-account> -UpgradeToStorageV2

Working with Blob Storage and General Purpose v2 accounts, Access tiers enable you to choose Hot, Cool, or Archive tier. Hot and Cool can be set at account level. Archive can be set only at object level.


generate shared access signature


install and use Azure Storage Explorer


manage access keys


monitor activity log by using Log Analytics

I’m a little surprised to see this objective here, btw. But the Docs webpage seems to contain the intended information


implement Azure storage replication

Reminder: you can easily change from LRS to GRS to RA-GRS from within the Azure Portal. However, to change from or to ZRS, you need to copy manually, or request a live migration at Microsoft.

In addition, quickly review this site for better understanding:


Import and export data to Azure

create export from Azure job


create import into Azure job


Use Azure Data Box


configure and use Azure blob storage

List blobs in a container

Get-AzStorageBlob -Container $ContainerName -Context $ctx | select Name


configure Azure content delivery network (CDN) endpoints


Configure Azure files

create Azure file share

$storageContext = New-AzStorageContext itexperienceSN key-to-itexperience-net
$share = New-AzStorageShare logs -Context $storageContext


create Azure File Sync service


create Azure sync group


troubleshoot Azure File Sync


Implement Azure backup

configure and review backup reports


perform backup operation

Enable-AzRecoveryServicesBackupProtection `
-ResourceGroupName "myResourceGroup" `
-Name "myVM" `
-Policy $policy


create Recovery Services Vault


create and configure backup policy


perform a restore operation


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