This AZ-104 Study Guide landing page links to 5 parts in which I cover most relevant documentation on Microsoft Docs. It was supposed to be for myself, but then I thought: why not share it with the world :)
It covers all objectives / skills measured in AZ-104 exam and is meant to be a 60% complete study guide. 40% should come from experience, watching videos and tutorials. Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator grants the title Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate


AZ-104 STUDY GUIDE – PART 2 – Implement and manage storage

AZ-104 STUDY GUIDE – PART 3 – Deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs)

AZ-104 STUDY GUIDE – PART 4 – Configure and manage virtual networks

AZ-104 STUDY GUIDE – PART 5 – Manage identities

Did I pass my exam?

Yes, I did. But I would not have succeeded with merely studying Microsoft documentation.
If you’re not very familiar with Azure yet, here are few tips that may help you on this tough road:
1. CBTNuggets offers a free trial (7 days). As AZ-104 is not available yet, watch AZ-100, AZ-101, 70-533 and all other Azure-related videos. This helped me understanding the basics and fundamentals, although there is a lot of blah-blah now and then :)
2. Then follow my Study Guide. Read / Skim all objectives and verify you understand the topics.
And last but not least: try to get a LinkedIn Premium trial somewhere. Premium includes LinkedIn Learning which gives you access to the videos of Sharon Bennett. She focuses on the items that help you pass your exam, without the blah-blah of CBTNuggets :)

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  1. Hello ITExperience Admin, how are you?
    My name is Pedro and I’m a Microsoft Reseller from Brazil.
    I would like to thank you for all the links and study notes you shared.
    I’ll be attending the exam November 5th and I hope that I pass.
    Again, thank you for your time writing down the notes and links!

    Best regards,


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