Easy fix for winscomrssv.dll: There was a problem starting winscomrssv.dll

A friend of mine had an error at startup of his computer. RunDLL There was a problem starting winscomrssv.dll. The specific module could not be found.


What happened before

Previously he’d been a victim of a trojan virus. His antivirus program quarantined three files from C:\Windows\System32:

  • winscomrssrv.dll
  • startupchecklibrary.dll
  • winlogui.exe

Afterwards, his pc was running fine and smoothly. Windows Defender did not find any threats. Still he got these RunDLL module errors at startup.

How to fix There was a problem starting winscomrssv.dll

The winscomrssv.dll and startupchecklibrary.dll errors are definitely the dreg of the malware that was present before.

I was sure all threats were solved. I only needed to remove the references to the (missing) DLL files. Sysinternals Autoruns is a great free lightweight tool to help you with this.

Detailed steps to fix winscomrssv.dll

  1. Download and unzip Autoruns from https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/autoruns
  2. Rightclick the downloaded Autoruns.exe and choose Run As Adminstrator
  3. In the Filter box, type winscomrssv
  4. View the result. Any ‘File not Found’ image paths, are save to delete.
  5. Do the same for startupchecklibrary. Any File Not Found results can be safely removed.

winscomrssv.dll There was a problem starting winscomrssv.dll

Final note

Malware often leaves traces behind. Even when the malware is remove by your antivirus program. However, errors like “The specific module could not be found” are not always caused by malware. An upgrade of Windows 10 or uninstallation of 3rd party software may also leave traces. A great example is Logitechs logilda.dll

In most cases, Sysinternals Autoruns.exe may help you remove these kind of startup errors.

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Works with me! Amazing. Thank you!

Mr. Rogers
Mr. Rogers

Please note the typo in Detailed Steps:
3. In the Filter box, type winscomrssv > winscomrssrv
(This typo also appears in a couple of article and section headings.)
Great program nonetheless!

Andy Mac
Andy Mac

Worked perfectly!! thanks a bunch.


It worked perfectly! Thank you very much!!!


Hi. I’m having the same problem.

After downloading this will it resolved all pop ups like startuplibrary.dll???
Will this not lead into any added pop upps?

Sufis Tech
Sufis Tech

Just tried it and yes it is working Perfectly. All popups are gone which came on startup.