Solution to “SQL Server reported SQL message 50000, severity 16”

After a SCCM database move to another drive on my server, I consecutively faced errors on my SCCM server:

Severity: Error
Message ID: 620
Microsoft SQL Server reported SQL message 50000, severity 16: *** Unknown SQL Error!

This turned out to be a parameter that has to be set in the database.

If you run this query in SQL Server Management Studio on your SCCM database:
select name, collation_name, user_access_desc, is_read_only, state_desc, is_trustworthy_on, is_broker_enabled,is_honor_broker_priority_on from sys.databases
you should get
is_trustworthy_on = 1
is_broker_enabled = 1
is_honor_broker_priority_on = 1


If one or more of these is set to 0, run the following queries to set them to 1:
(change CM_PRI to the name of your SCCM database)

After setting all 3 parameters to 1, the SMS_POLICY_PROVIDER errors stopped occurring.

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