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Exclude Skydrive or Dropbox from roaming profile

Recently a user complained at my desk about his logon times. When logging on to a new pc, he often had to wait 15 minutes before he got his desktop in front of him.

Typically, this means A) a slow network or B) an enormous profile.… Read the rest

Howto: Add SkyDrive to Windows Explorer as a network drive

This post will guide you making a mapping to SkyDrive in your Windows Explorer. For example you can have a drive letter S:\, which will show you your SkyDrive documents when you open the drive.

The first thing we have to do, is track down the path to our SkyDrive location.… Read the rest

Save Office 2010 documents directly to SkyDrive

If you have a SkyDrive account, you can save Office 2010 documents directly to SkyDrive. Here are the clicks to accomplish this:

  1. Create or open a document (in this example a Word 2010 document)
  2. Click File, click Save & Send, click Save to Web

    image thumb Save Office 2010 documents directly to SkyDrive
    (click for the original size)
  3. Click Sign In to log on to your SkyDrive account.
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