Screen Clipping in Office makes the snipping tool almost useless!

This week somebody at work slapped me in the face for not using one of the nicest features in Office 2010 / 2013: Taking Screenshot (-selections) from Office 2010 / Office 2013.

Normally, when I needed to insert a screenshot in Word, I would launch the Snipping Tool, capture the area, then right-click to copy the screenshot and then paste it in the Word document. Same story when composing an email.

Apparently, this is a pretty time-wasting process, since you can ‘snip’ a screen right from Word and Outlook.

While working in Word or Outlook, open the Insert ribbon. Then click Screenshot and choose Screen Clipping


To speed things up even more, you can also press in succession: Alt – N – S – C – C
This will first activate the Short keys for the ribbon (ALT), then select Insert (S), then select Screenshot (C) and then select Screen Clipping (C).


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Dan F

Only limitation is that it the Selective Screen Shot returns you to the “LAST” window that was open – little frustrating thinking that you can navigate to another screen . . .


Well that’s nifty! Thanks