VMWare ESX4 WebAccess: 503 Service Unavailable

By default, the Web Access service of VMWare ESX4 does not automatically start.
The easiest way to check whether the web access is functioning correctly is by typing in the IP address, or DNS name of the ESX server in your browser. Click “Log in to Web Access” and verify you get the following window:


If you get the message 503 Service Unavailable then you can be pretty sure the service is not started.

To start the service this time only, log on to the ESX host (physically on the machine or with i.e. Putty), and run the following command:
service vmware-webAccess start

To set the service to start automatically at any reboot, type in the following:
chkconfig –level 345 vmware-webAccess on

To verify that the service is started, run this command:
service vmware-webAccess status

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