Error code 0x80091007 during Task Sequence

After running a task sequence in the SCCM client, the following error may occur:

Task Sequence Error
Running: Install <software title / os title>
Task sequence: Install <software title / os title> has failed with the error code (0x80091007). For more information, please contact your system administrator or helpdesk operator

This error code stands for the message that “the hash value is not correct”.

To resolve this issue, one of the following things should be done:

  • update the distribution point with the latest version of the package. Right-click on the package and choose Update Distribution Points. Please note that this could take a while, depending on the total size of your packages. 20 minutes is not exceptional.
  • modify the advertisement to not download the files locally but access the files directly from the DP. To do this, double click the advertisement, go to the tab Distribution Point and choose “Access content directly from a distribution point when needed by the running task sequence”


14 thoughts on “Error code 0x80091007 during Task Sequence

  1. Yeah.. I also gave problem when to reimage I tried change the HDD but also same problem, then I replace the RAM then it success. TQ guys..

  2. Fixed

    hi everyone.
    I got this error when trying to reimage a system with SCCM and I couldnt figure out what the problem is. Since Im working on an facility where we use multiple computers with identical configurations, I have tried to swap the HDD to check if thats the problem. It wasnt.
    After I have replaced the RAM memory I could reimage the system without receiving any error messages.
    Ive followed somebodys advice on a forum and replaced it to test the reimaging and everything works fine now.
    just to be 100% that the RAM was the fault, Ive placed the faulty one in another system and I couldnt reimage that one either.
    Before you waste time troubleshooting this problem software wise, try replacing the RAM first.
    Good luck!

    1. Brilliant. I have tried about 6 times with different wim files and failed every time with error 0x80091007 and 0x80070057. Then took out one of the RAM strips and windows 7 has been installed. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Hello , I had this same mistake today and the problem was on the hard drive . I made the change and could send the image by SCCM . I hope this helps .

    1. Thanks for posting that your problem was the HD, every other solution involved the Windows Image. I suspected it was my HD and turns out it was. Once I tried the image on a known-good it worked.

  4. Thank you, this worked for me.

    However within my task sequence I have applications to which I am deploying and the multiple laptops are becoming stuck on a specific application. I have removed this and now it is hanging on another application.

    2 of my 15 laptops have built but the others are failing. Any suggestions?

  5. Also, for SCCM 2012 you may want to try and Validate the image package again. Go to Software Library > Operating Systems > Operating System Images and then right click on the image giving you the error and go to properties. Now under the content locations tab highlight your distribution point (or distribution point group) and then click validate.

    You have to wait a few minutes (if your server isn’t under much stress) but you can verify that this “re-validation” has taken place by going to Monitoring > Distribution Status > Content Status and then double click on your image that you just validate. It will then appear as a node under Content Status on the left hand side. Now in the Asset Details box you will see under the description appended to the end “has been verified successfully.” Once you see this try the task sequence again.

    After hours of working on a fix this worked for me. Also, you may want to try to redistribute the image again under. To do this Go to Software Library > Operating Systems > Operating System Images and then right click on the image giving you the error and go to properties. Now under the content locations tab highlight your distribution point (or group) and click redistribute….but try the validation trick first.

  6. Wow, like others have posted, got this error on one PC only. Tried the steps through SCCM to no avail.

    Ran a Dell diagnostic, and turns out it had bad RAM!

    1. I had the same problem – tried all the suggestions from all the blogs and it ended up being a bad HDD in the laptop I was imaging.

  7. OMG I tried all sorts all day today to get my Task Sequence to work. Kept getting a hash error.

    Updated the DP with a new version a few times, even deleted package from DP and re-added/refreshed etc… No luck.

    Then I deleted the task sequence and advertisement, recreated them and that twice to no avail. I came across this thread and indeed as soon as I changed the source on how to retrieve the content it just worked straight up. The only different with this package and my other ones for other task sequences is that this is an admin install with “external” files .

    Thanks so much….


    1. I get this error because my packages had french specific caracters…

      So no é, è, à, ù, … in files name or SCCM can’t check hash.

      It took me a lot of time to discover what was wrong, so if this tips can help someone else.

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