Get the MAC address of a remote computer

As a system administrator, I’ve been in many situations that I needed to write down the MAC-address of a remote PC. For example to boot the PC with Wake-On-LAN in the near future.

There are several ways to get the MAC address of a computer. Below are the two methods I mostly use. There are probably many more.

  • DHCP. If you’re in an Active Directory domain with DHCP enabled, you can find all computers that have been online in the last 7 days. For every computer, you can find the MAC address in the column “Unique ID”
  • getmac command. When you start a command prompt, you can get a computers’ MAC address by typing getmac /s %system name%. For example, getmac /s PC09 . Note: the computer has to be turned on.
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John P

Thanks for this. I needed to wake up a computer remotely whose MAC address I hadn’t previously recorded. After getting the MAC from the DHCP records (Start > Administrative Tools > DHCP) on our Win 2k3 server, I was able to wake up the other machine with WakeMeOnLan no problem. Thanks again!


You can also use free MAC Address Scanner: It uses different MAC detection methods and can detect MAC adresses for all PCs in the network within few seconds.