FLEXlm error 63,478 when adding an Autocad license server

To permanently add a license server for Autocad, you need to have write permissions in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in your registry. Insufficient rights may result in the following error:

Flexible License Manager
Error in saving configuration settings: You are not a license manager
Feature: 42600ACD_2004_0F
License Patch: @servername
FLEXlm error: -63,478

Because domain users in a production environment usually don’t have, and don’t get the permission to edit, the fastest way to solve is as follows:

  1. Logon with an administrator.
  2. Open Autocad (with administrator rights)
  3. Fill inĀ the license server when asked and click Finish to add the license server
  4. Restart Autocad to make sure the configuration has been saved
  5. Login with the normal user account to make sureĀ users with limited permissions won’t get the FlexLM error anymore.

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