Login to HP switch fails with Java exception error

When trying to login to an HP swtich, the following error occurred:

Exception encountered during initialization: com:broace.web.secsan.SecureSANException: Cannot load RBACMatrix from switch: The user is not authenticated. Invalid session

The username and password did not change, so the credentials couldn’t be the cause.
After some brainstorming, I found out that we changed the Proxy bypass addresses. Due to a change in the Internet Explorer proxy settings, navigating to the IP address of the switch was forced to go through the proxy.
Because the Java console isn’t configured to use the proxy, authentication could not be succesfully completed.
Solution: add the IP-address (or IP-zone like 10.0.0.*) to the list with “Bypass proxy addresses” in Internet Explorer.

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Thanks a lot. That works for me.

A. B