Remove Instant search pane in Outlook 2007

outlooklogoWith Outlook 2007, Desktop Search / Instant Search is promoted by notifying you with a pop-up and a button / pane. The pane will have the text “Click here to enable Instant Search”. Because some people believe this search slows down your computer, it may be a wish to turn the Desktop Search off and remove notification to enable Instant Search:

To remove the Instant search button, do the following:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. Click Other, and then click Advanced Options.
  3. Under General settings, clear the Show prompts to enable Instant Search check box

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The official Microsoft Outlook Help says that you CAN’T remove the pane! Thank you very much for revealing the truth and saving us so many headaches caused by having to look at that darn flashing bar!


Ok. That takes care of the Prompt. But what I really want is to get rid of that annoying search box itself permanently. I dont want or ever use the search box and it annoys me to be present. If there is a way to get rid of that as well as its brother higher up (type a question for help) then Outlook wont irritate me so much.


THANK YOU!! I don’t know why Microsoft felt the need to
make such an annoying feature so prominent and persistent.


Dear Sir/Madam
I have been examining ways to “remove the instant search pane in Outlook 2007” but failed.
When your site appeared in google search engine and I followed your instructions, I could not believe it.
I am writing this to express my sincere ‘thank you’ for your kind help in this matter. Please keep up the hard work.
Warm Regards,