Howto: Repair Power schemes

In some cases, an error may occur when trying to view, change or add a power scheme. This may be due some corrupted registry settings in your registry. To repair your registry settings of your power management, you need to restore the default settings of your power schemes. Follow these steps to recover your power schemes:

  1. Go to Start – Run – Regedit
  2. On the left side, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER | Control Panel | PowerCFG
  3. Right-click on PowerCFG, choose Export, and save it as “old-powercfg.reg” (or any other name you want, this is just a backup)
  4. Now, right click again and choose Delete. The incorrect settings are now deleted
  5. To download the correct default power scheme settings, right click and save the following file: powerscheme.reg
  6. Navigate to the file you have just downloaded. Double-click. When alerted if you are sure you want to add the settings, click Yes
  7. Go to your Power scheme again and see your power settings are restored to their defaults.


Update 31 july 2008:

Some people seem to have some problem when they doubleclick the reg-file. Here are the instructions when doubleclicking doesn’t work:

  1. Save the registry file to somewhere on your computer
  2. Open the Registry (start -> run -> “regedit” -> OK)
  3. Click File -> Import
  4. Navigate to the saved file and click “Open”
  5. Confirm the Import

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73 Responses

  1. I like what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever
    work and exposure! Keep up the awesome works guys I’ve included
    you guys to my personal blogroll.

  2. Woks perfectly! Thanks a lot!

  3. David says:



  4. JDiaz says:


  5. habilac says:

    Add the following to section #2:

    – PowerCfg\ProcessorPolicies: we also find the 6 basic power schemes that come with Windows XP, numbered 0 to 5, plus any schemes that were added, numbered 6 on up, in PROCESSORPolicies.

    Job4b: delete all power schemes above 5, that is, numbers 6 on up.

    (a new policy will automatically be adde to ProcessorPolicies when you create a new scheme in the Power Options window)

  6. habilac says:

    Here is how I was able to get my XP Pro machine to once again power off the monitor and get into system Standby mode using Power Schemes. [I compared registry settings with 2 other pcs with no Power Scheme problems. I discovered the corrupt registry settings for the power schemes I had added. I did a restore point before modifying the registry, which was unnecessary.]

    In the registry, I searched for “PowerPolicies” (ticking ‘Key’, and ‘Match whole string only’). It occurs 7 times, always under PowerCfg.

    1. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\PowerCfg]
    – PowerCfg: CurrentPowerPolicy: it is set to the number corresponding to the power scheme selected in the ‘Power Schemes’ window (from 0 to 5, or more, depending on how many schemes you created – in my case it was up to number 37)

    Job1: set the CurrentPowerPolicy number to 4 (or any number between 0 and 5)

    – PowerCfg\GlobalPowerPolicy: (no change)
    – PowerCfg\PowerPolicies: here are the 6 basic power schemes that come with Windows XP, numbered 0 to 5, plus any schemes that were added, numbered 6 on up – (in my case, 2 numbers were misssing in the sequence from 0 to 37, and one scheme had number ‘-1′)

    (Notice, when you click on the number of a power scheme between 0 and 5, that Microsoft has added a written Description and Name to their basic schemes. This is where you can modify this same data for the schemes you create in the ‘Power Schemes’ window of Display Properties, Power Options, bearing numbers 6 and above.)

    Job2: delete all power schemes above 5, that is, numbers 6 on up.

    2. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Controls Folder\PowerCfg]
    – PowerCfg: LastID: it is set to the number of the last power scheme created (in my case 37)

    Job3: LastID must be set to ‘5’, as schemes with numbers 6 and above have been and are being deleted

    – PowerCfg\PowerPolicies: we again find the 6 basic power schemes that come with Windows XP, numbered 0 to 5, plus any schemes that were added, numbered 6 on up.

    (Notice that when you click on the number of a power scheme, that there is no variable called Description or Name here).

    Job4: delete all power schemes above 5, that is, numbers 6 on up.

    3. [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\PowerCfg] – (basic default settings)
    – PowerCfg: CurrentPowerPolicy: it is set to ‘0’ (zero) (no change)
    – PowerCfg\GlobalPowerPolicy: (no change)
    – PowerCfg\PowerPolicies: here are the 6 basic power schemes that come with Windows XP, numbered 0 to 5 – appear to be templates – (no change)
    (they correspond to the first 6 power schemes found in the Power Options window located in the Display Properties, the top Name having number 0, the next number 1, the next 2, and so on down).

    4. [HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-18\Control Panel\PowerCfg] – (identical to #3) (no change)

    5. [HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-19\Control Panel\PowerCfg] – (identical to #3) (no change)

    6. [HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-20\Control Panel\PowerCfg] – (identical to #3) (no change)

    7. [HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1220945662-2025429265-725345543-1003\Control Panel\PowerCfg] – (identical to #1)

    (I think that once #1 is modified, then #7 is modified automatically by the registry. If not, then repeat Job1 and Job2 in #7)

    Job5: Reboot and double-check all the above Registry settings, from #1 to #7. Remake those changes if necessary.
    (In my case, I did not discover LastID until well into the process, and so my newly created power schemes bore numbers 38 and 39, which I deleted. I also made other errors, but ensuring only 6 basic power schemes are on board is the key to recovery.)

    Job6: Create a new power scheme in the Power Scheme window.
    – Modify the settings of the current scheme. Start simple. Monitor: 2 minutes. Hard Drive: never. Standby: never.
    – press ‘Save As’ – give the scheme a name: 2_n_n – Ok
    – press ‘Apply’ for the changes to take effect
    – press Ok, Ok to exit the Display windows
    – open regedit, and Find ‘PowerPolicies’ – double-check to see the changes you made – in #1, (as well as in #2 and #7), you should find scheme number 6 – click on 6 – you can add a Description, or change the Name here
    – in #2, make sure LastID is now 6 (one less than the 7 schemes)
    – reboot – check your registry settings as above – wait for the monitor to turn off – if failure, you may delete your new entry, which I did in the registry in #1, #2, and #7 (deleting in the Power Options window may also work, I did not check) – and start over, in the Power Options window – if success go to next job

    Job7: Modify your new power scheme in the Power Options window.
    Monitor: 2 minutes. Hard Drive: 5 minutes. Standby: never.
    – DO NOT press ‘Save As’ – you will modify the name in the registry – keep the same name for now: 2_n_n
    (I did not dare change the name in the Power Options window, as I had received an error window in my previous pre-registry attempts at name changing).
    – press ‘Apply’ for the changes to take effect
    – press Ok, Ok to exit the Display windows
    – open regedit, and Find ‘PowerPolicies’ – in #1, click on scheme number 6 – change the Name here to: 2_5_n
    – in #2, make sure LastID is now 6
    – ensure #7 is the same as #1, and that #4, #5, #6 are the same as #3
    – reboot – check the registry – test your modified power scheme – if failure, recheck the integrity of the settings – if success, go to next job

    Job8: Modify again your new power scheme in the Power Options window.
    Monitor: 2 minutes. Hard Drive: 5 minutes. Standby: 10 minutes
    – DO NOT press ‘Save As’ – you will modify the name in the registry – keep the same name for now: 2_5_n
    – press ‘Apply’ for the changes to take effect
    – press Ok, Ok to exit the Display windows
    – open regedit, and Find ‘PowerPolicies’ – in #1, click on scheme number 6 – change the Name here to: 2_5_10
    – in #2, make sure LastID is now 6
    – ensure #7 is the same as #1, and that #4, #5, #6 are the same as #3
    – reboot – check the registry – test your modified power scheme – if failure, recheck the integrity of the settings – if success, try another new power scheme

    (I have not tried a second new power scheme after this, my first sucessful Standby in a long while – Standby does not work on the other 2 pcs, 6 and 3 years old, that have 3 year old power supplies, but 10 year old boxes – could the old boxes be the reason why Standby doesn’t work? – That is my next task.)

  7. hasbeenhonshu says:

    If anybody is still peeping in to find a fix for the XP power scheme problem (can’t save a personal power scheme) I can testify that this is a righteous fix. Every time I saved my own power configuration it would not stay in place. I started working with powercfg in CLI and the /setactive switch would not install the new scheme I would create in CLI. The scheme I created was there but I could not get it set as the active scheme.


    I followed the instructions in the fix with a few differences:

    1) The uncorrupted Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 file behind the link shows up as a text file on my screen and not a download. I saved it with Notepad as a .reg file.

    2) After deleting the corrupted powercfg registry folder I right-clicked on the HKEY_CURRENT_USER| Control Panel folder and imported the notepad file with the good image of the powercfg parameters.

    After exiting regedit I went straight to Power Options Properties and all was well again. I am running Windows XP Professional, 32bit, on an Acer 5315-2326 Aspire and did not have this trouble before I started fooling around with booting my machine with a Windows 98 emergency boot disk.

    I’m happy again.

  8. jimmy says:

    Thanks, your reg file fixed my problem after “powercfg /RestoreDefaultPolicies” would not.

  9. M. BANISTER says:


  10. Christian says:

    Hi Paul,

    sorry for not making very clear that you should do the action on an OTHER computer :)
    Good to hear that you understood it, nevertheless.
    Good luck with it. Feel free to post if you have further comments / questions..

  11. Paul Robinson says:

    hi Christian,

    so sorry i didnt even read your second point
    thats really great solution
    i can export selected from current pc’s registry and import ’em after connect the regedit to my pc through network regitry.

  12. Paul Robinson says:

    thanks for the reply Christian.
    how can we edit registery without log in to windows
    i couldn stop windows from should down when loading desktop

    however i’ve resoled this problem by manual system restore
    which is done by copying 5 files (DEFAULT, SYSTEM, SAM, SECURITY,SOFTWARE) from c:\system volume information\restore\snapshots to c:\windows\sytem32\config

    i need help (which im supposed to post in another location)
    that is any good method available to secure data in portable HDD?
    does anybody know well about cacls.exe, does cacls.exe works with different computers or different users?

  13. Christian says:

    Hi Paul,

    I doubt that this restarting is caused by misconfigured power management.
    However, if you want to import the registry settings remotely, do the following:
    1. Start Regedit (start – run – regedit)
    2. Click file and click Connect Network Registry.
    3. In the Select Computer dialog box, type the name of the machine you wish to connect. 4. Click OK.
    5. Optionally, click ‘Check Names’
    6. Now click File and click Import and import the regfile into the remote computer

  14. Paulrobinson says:

    windows keep restarting when logging in since i set the wrong ups configuration in power management. how do i restore the power management setting without login to windows?

  15. Linton says:

    Wonderful. Worked first time. Many thanks

  16. Greg says:

    Worked fantastic thanks a million

  17. Johnny K says:

    You absolutely rock!

  18. Lewis says:

    Thank you so much. This totally worked. I had to use the “31 july 2008 Update” to make it work. But did my Power schemes get glitched to begin with?

  19. max says:

    im still having problem dude…my laptop (lenovo)…the screen turns off each 10 minutes..when im in the middle of something (seeing movies etc) and thats kinda annoying….when i go to panel control / power options it says that when computers running plugged turn off in 10 minutes n whens runnig with battery turn off in 5 minutes and i cant change it…i cant even click on it it seens to be locked…could u pleas tell me what to do?

  20. Donald Keith says:

    Perfection in its most desired form – where nothing goes wrong. Thanks dude =)

  21. Joseph Chiuchiolo says:

    Excellent!!! I have solved this annoying problem in a matter of minutes by following
    the precious instructions to the letter. Thanks again and keep up the good word.

  22. tcrelax says:

    Thanks – worked great. Problem occured when I created the 11th power scheme.

  23. LGM09 says:

    Here’s an easier fix I saw on another forum. Go to Start>Run. In the empty field type in “powercfg /RestoreDefaultPolicies” (without the quotation marks and make sure there is a space after powercfg) and click on OK. This worked for me.

    Now all the default power schemes will be back and you can go on to make new ones. Apparently after awhile of making so many custom profiles, the function will get corrupted/confused and you can’t make any new ones.

    • Stefan Koester-Hirose says:

      powercfg /RestoreDefaultPolicies

      Just perfect. It saved me a lot of time.
      It seems that there is a bug in XP for to many power schemes or double names.
      Appriciated. Great

  24. Christian says:

    Excellent, it worked straight away!
    Thank you!


  25. jim says:

    Thank you it worked!

  26. Pete Charles says:

    Thanks very much, perfect again

  27. mr_syazo says:

    err…anyone plsss help me!!
    i coudnt download the powerscheme.reg file…
    i had right click but it doesnt appear what it supposed to be…

  28. Kinslayer76 says:

    Many thanks for this . It’s work like a charm

  29. Sarel says:

    Thanks it works

  30. serj says:

    Thanks a lot! It helped right away:)!!!

  31. Chrispy says:

    And I should also say that no setting actually works. The monitor will not turn off after 10 minutes (which is the default value in “Edison”).

    But I have another box on the network with Win XP SP2 which works perfectly, and even tried importing its Registry settings, but to no avail.


  32. Chrispy says:

    I’ve imported the powerscheme to the Registry but when I try to save settings in the Control Panel they keep reverting to the defaults.

    So I changed the Permissions, SYSTEM is denied and only Administrator has access.

    It still will not hold the changes from Control Panel.

    (Is this the most time consuming and annoying exercise Microsoft could devise???)

    Any other ideas? Anyone?


  33. Clay says:

    Wow! Thanx a bunch! I’m a novice and even worked for me! God bless!

  34. William Fowlie says:

    The downloaded file ended up being called “powerscheme.reg.txt”, I had to rename it to “powerscheme.reg” and use the method described in the update.

    Worked like a dream thank you very much!!!

    Now if I can find out why everything disappeared? Some program must have interfered with it but now I can repair it if it happens again.

  35. Danny Dryden says:

    Thanks, worked great! I tried different fixes, but I only had two power schemes and new power schemes would not save. Works perfectly now! Thanks!

  36. Christian says:

    Hi Justin,

    I don’t know the cause of your problem, but you could try removing wirte permissions from the key and values to prevent changes in the Power Schemes. To do this, do the following:

    1) Open your registry (Start – Run – regedit.exe)
    2) Navigate to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\PowerCfg\PowerPolicies]
    3) Right click PowerPolicies and choose permissions
    4) Click “Advanced…”. A new will appear.
    5) Now, for each account you see in the “Advanced Security Settings” window (i.e. SYSTEM and Administrator), you must click EDIT, and then set “Set value –> Deny”.
    When you click Deny at the right of Set Value, you will see that “Full permissions” and “Set value” will change from Allow to Deny.
    What you’ve done now, is you’ve made sure your Windows system may not change the Powerscheme values. Be aware that you also have no permissions anymore to set the values. In order to change your powerscheme settings, you should change all the permissions back to “Allow”.

  37. Justin Brown says:

    i should clarify, i meant to say they revert back when ever i watch any media.

  38. Justin Brown says:

    Hi, I followed the instructions down to the word and it worked for a few hours. However, it has reverted back to its usual ways. I have all of my power schemes, they all revert to: Turn off Monitor – 15 mins, Turn off Hard Disks – 30 mins. Please, can anyone help me?

  39. andreas says:

    dear friend

    i really thank you i had lost my sleep during the 3 nights trynig to fix it,,

    u post the write one solution for me,,,

    happy christmas,,and happy new year

    i will adveritise your website as a little thank you 4 you..

    to the greek it – pc forums,,,!!!

    thank you 4 once more ..

  40. W4nkrosoft says:

    Thanks a hell of a lot! I had just installed Windows XP SP2, immediately tried to save download bandwidth and time by applying SP3 and was wondering why I wasted my time on what should be a bug-free SP (i.e. not rushed-out).
    You enabled me to not waste too much time and fix this quickly, cheers!

    Nice of Microsoft to continue to treat its software as open source by getting others to identify – and fix – most bugs, but still creaming in the cash on the other hand, isn’t it?

  41. Egon says:

    Thank you so much for the Power Scheme Registry Fix. Good instruction of “how to” and its back to the original setting which I had deleted one by one in ignorance until I was left with a grey screen.

  42. Mike says:

    I can’t say thanks enough, this worked great. Thanks so much for the information,

  43. Christian says:

    Hello wayne,

    right-mouse clicking and then choosing “Save target As” should really be the way to save the file.
    Besides, if this doesn’t work, I can assure you that the Registry key won’t do your computer any harm, so you can safely LEFT-click on it, and then choose “Run”. It will then automatically import the new (default) power scheme settings.

  44. Christian says:


    how do you distribute software?
    As you might have noticed, the registry keys in this article are located in the HKCU.
    If you have SMs 2003, or similar, you could make an advertisement that runs once for every user.
    If you don’t use SMS 2003, you could add your script silently in the logon script as let it run for a few months.
    Even better, you could add an extra registry key like “NewPowerscheme” to your Power Scheme. Then, you can do a check in the login script with REG QUERY, that checks whether the “NewPowerscheme” exists. If not, it should import the keys; if yes, it should do nothing.

    Just to be complete: to delete all existing power schemes, you can add a minus in front of the power scheme key. So that will look like: -[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\PowerCfg]

  45. wayne says:

    Right clicking the powerscheme.reg file doesn’t give an option to save the file. I can only open the file as a window on my browser. I tried Explorer and Firefox.

  46. Hello,
    I am an IT Technician, and I am always looking for ways to save time in my PC/laptop setups. I would like to know if anyone knows of a script or the commands to delete all power schemes on the computer and replace with with imported power schemes. I already have a batch program to import the schemes i want on a computer, but what I need is a way to delete all the schemes (no matter on what GUID). Many of the computers that I work on have various different power schemes so I would either need a way to detect the schemes automatically and remove all of them.

    Any help is appreicated.
    Etien VanDenBroecke
    IT Technician, Future Shop Canada

  47. Mike lLac says:

    I have a similar problem when I set my monitor to turn off in xx and my hard disk in yy and system standby in zz my computer is not responding after it goes into that mode when I move the mouse or press on any key on the keyboard my computer must be rebooted with the power button.

    Can anybody help please
    Thank you
    Mike lac

  48. Adam Twork says:

    I successfully installed the new registry keys, yet the error continues.

    “Your Power Plan Information isn’t available”

    Could there be any files missing that the registry needs to reference? Where do I get replacements?

  49. Dave says:

    Thank u so much for your combined knowledge. Been playing for 3 days. Working great now…

  50. Rod M says:

    Worked fine on my XP Home system. Clearly documented solution to what had been a frustrating problem. Thanks.

  51. AK says:

    Thanks. Excellent.

  52. gargumma says:

    Thank you very much. I used it in my XP Pro-SP3 and it worked fine. I guess it might have something to do with an ActiveX problem a site showed me the other day.

  53. Jewrry says:

    Thanks for the information. Worked great. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  54. Rodney says:

    I should have said that I use XP Home

  55. Rodney says:

    I have tried this fix but my power system reverts to 20 mins and Never every time I connect to the internet (dial-up).

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why?

    Any help will be appreciated.

  56. Carol says:

    Will this power scheme fix work for Vista 64-bit?

  57. JR says:

    OMG! Thanks a million!

  58. JT says:

    Worked like a charm. I Accendentailly delete my power schemes and this FIXED it all

  59. Linda Irvine says:

    You completely rock. I went in to try and wrestle with Sleep, Standby and Hibernate one more time and was dismayed to find all my Power settings disabled!

    I followed your instructions exactly and am happy to report they worked perfectly – all power options are back!

    Thank you for sharing this – you saved me several hours of frustration :-)

  60. Tom Teets says:

    Answered my own question. Followed #10 instructions and bang-zoom, i got my power schemes back. You guys are the best. Thanks again.

  61. Tom Teets says:

    Problem. Followed instructions up to step 6 (right click and save. Being a novice at this, right click what? The power cfg is gone now so how or what do I right click on?

  62. admin says:

    Don, that’s another way to do it, indeed. To make it all clear, here are the steps to do it
    1. Save the registry file to somewhere on your computer
    2. Open the Registry (start -> run -> “regedit” -> OK)
    3. Click File -> Import
    4. Navigate to the saved file and click “Open”
    5. Confirm the Import

  63. Don Cowee says:

    Hi, John, I also had the same problem with it going to notepad and not entering the registry. I fixed this by going back into the registry and selecting import and navagating to where I saved the file. Then got the confirmation that it was saved to the registry. Worked like a charm.

  64. John Walters says:

    I did everything you said to do, deleted the registry file, downloaded the program, but when opening the file, it says run an goes to a notepad file, doesn’t ask me anything about saving changes to the registry, am I doing something wrong?

  65. Larry says:

    Thank you for the registry download to repair my power schemes. It worked exactly as you said it would. As a total technophobe, I am grateful to you (whoever you are) and your fabulous website.

  66. JohnS says:

    brilliant…..first time of dared touch anything like the ‘registry’…worked like a charm and so easy…thankyou

  67. kam says:

    Worked great! Thanks

  68. Lee says:

    Worked like a charm for me. I somehow deleted all my power schemes, couldn’t even get them back with a XP repair. Thank God for poeple that understand this stuff for the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Len says:

    Did not really work. My goal is to have my machine go into standby mode at preset interval, after 1 hour. My machine will only go into standby at interval of 3 minutes or less. Setting it for 5 min. or more it will not go into standby. Any help would be appreciated.
    PS- hard drive acted in same manor before this “fix”

    Thanks . Len

    Any help would be appreciated. contact at:

  70. Alan says:

    Thank you very much. Worked like a charm. Power Scheme is back as it should be.

  71. Gibbaan says:

    Thanx It owrked !!!

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