Disable or enable recover deleted items in Outlook 2003 with Group Policy

outlooklogoWhen you’re working with Outlook 2003 and Exchange, it is possible to recover your hard-deleted emails. Even when you used SHIFT-DELETE, you’re still able recover the email(s). This can be done by the so-called dumpster.

When you want to enable or disable the dumpster globally for your company, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Office 2003 resource kit (if you haven’t done yet)
  2. Copy outlk11.adm to the domain controller (when Office 2003 resource kit is installed, you can find the ADM in your c:\windows\inf folder
  3. Add outlk11.adm to your Group Policy -> User configuration -> Administrative template
  4. Open Group policy->User configuration-> Administrative Templates->Microsoft Office Outlook 2003->Disable items in user interface -> custom ->Disable command bar buttons and menu items-> Enable and Enter command bar ID 5654
  5. Log out and log in again to activate the new policy setting. Make sure that the user is in the OU, on which the GPO is applied.

The above Outlook policy template will work only for Outlook 2003 users.
For Outlook 2000 and Outlook XP users we need to configure the outlk10.adm and outl9.adm in the group policy.

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