Solution to “SQL Server reported SQL message 50000, severity 16”

After a SCCM database move to another drive on my server, I consecutively faced errors on my SCCM server:

Severity: Error
Message ID: 620
Microsoft SQL Server reported SQL message 50000, severity 16: *** Unknown SQL Error!

This turned out to be a parameter that has to be set in the database.

If you run this query in SQL Server Management Studio on your SCCM database:
select name, collation_name, user_access_desc, is_read_only, state_desc, is_trustworthy_on, is_broker_enabled,is_honor_broker_priority_on from sys.databases
you should get
is_trustworthy_on = 1
is_broker_enabled = 1
is_honor_broker_priority_on = 1

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Failed to run Task Sequence – error 0x80004005 in SCCM

During an ordinary OS Deployment, I unexpectedly faced the following error:

Failed to Run Task Sequence
An error occurred while retrieving policy for this computer (0x80004005). For more information, contact your system administrator or helpdesk operator.

Since the sysadmin was me, myself and I, I quickly realized I was the only one to fix this issue :)

The solution was simple. The error occurred on a VM. A very common problem is incorrect date and time. And also in this case, the date was incorrect.
Press F8 to open a command prompt. Type “date” and fill in the current date. Type time to verify the time is correct. Then restart your machine and try again.

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Copy all users from one group to another

Just because I always have to search for this script, and Always need to test the script to verify integrity, here’s the script that WORKS.
You only have to replace the value of $sourcegroup and $targetgroup.



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Resource x referenced in attribute displayName could not be found in RSOP

While troubleshooting some group policy issues, I encountered the following error during RSOP.msc (Resultant Set of Policies):

Resource ‘$(string.SUPPORTED_Vista_through_Win7)’ referenced in attribute displayName could not be found. File \*\sysvol\*\Policies\PreviousVersions.admx, line 11, column 111.

In Dutch:
Kan bron ‘$(string.SUPPORTED_Vista_through_Win7)’ waarnaar wordt verwezen in kenmerk displayName niet vinden. Bestand \*\sysvol\*\Policies\PreviousVersions.admx, regel 11, kolom 111

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